About Us

The goal of the Synthetic Bioproducts Center is to take advantage of the recent bio-scientific advances to enable living organisms (single-cell organisms, plants, and animals) to transform raw materials into environmentally friendly products such as low cost therapeutics, antimicrobials, biomaterials, and pharmaceuticals.

The overarching goal of the Sustainable Waste-to-Bioproducts Engineering Center is to enable profitable bioremediation of municipal and industrial waste streams through the production of valuable bioproducts.

BioEnergy Center:
The BioEnergy Center builds on USU’s strength in lignocellulosic biomass-to-fuel and algae research and development to produce renewable biofuels and bioproducts from multiple sustainable feedstock sources.

Synthetic Bio Manufacturing Facility:
The USTAR Bioproducts Scale Up Facility located on USU's Innovation Campus is a world-class fermentation facility. The facility has been designed and staffed to optimize the production of bioproducts and has the capacity to produce these products on a large scale. A primary purpose of the lab is to generate substantial quantities of biomolecules for commercialization and scale-up performance data.

The Synthetic Bio Manufacturing Facility provides the prototyping and production capabilities for the Institute’s centers. Housed within the Synthetic Bio Manufacturing Facility are the facilities and technical support required to scale-up production of products created within SBC's research centers and contracted services for industry partners.